On my walk this morning, this song came on my Pandora. Love it.

I do believe there was a little extra sway in my step for 4 minutes.

♥ ♥ ♥

So I think I’ve said it before, but i.get.bored.  Sitting at home all day was great…for the first week maybe.  But I am SO ready to get back to work, or doing something. I just am not your sit on your butt all day type of girl.  Thankfully starting the blog has kept me occupied for some of the day, but goodness get me out of this house! And the fact that it’s 115 degrees outside is not helping.  I can’t even walk from my front door to my car without breaking into a sweat.

I did however have a job interview for part time work at a bridal store and the lady “basically” told me I had the job, but she had already promised someone else she would interview them and she felt obligated to do it.  So unless this lady is spectacular (more spectacular than me? I know) (I kid. I’m pretty boring) I have the job.  It will be three days a week basically working until my work is done or she kicks me out because I’ll probably want to stay all day. (is it sad that one of the first things I thought of when I realized I might be going back to work is that I can get a Goodbyn lunchbox!! Tori got me so excited about them. And they now have one in PINK!)  By the way how awesome will it be for me to be working in a bridal shop with the fact that I myself am getting married next October. weeee. Hook ups? I hope! But anywho, since I have the spare time I also read blogs constantly, and sometimes I try recipes I find…sometimes? I know.

This time around it was Ashley’s Cake Batter Cashew Butter.

Ashley if you read this, I have a lot more confessions that I didn’t tell you on twitter.

First off. I made my cashew butter at Whole Foods.  I mean. I went with intentions on getting getting the raw cashews, but there it was. A little machine that already had the raw cashews and would make it for me. I mean. How could I say no? Little did I know that blending the cashews right after they roast and are still warm was essential to the cashew butter staying smooth. Strike 1.

I put my pre-made cashew butter into my food processor, added the other necessary ingredients and started to blend.  Truth be told I am a bit impatient and after about 2-3 minutes stopped it thinking “this isn’t going to get smooth” and stuck it in a jar.  Came back and re-read her post seeing that A. You can add oil (I really didn’t want to) B. I’m pretty sure she blended hers for a lot longer. Strike 2.

So I trudge back into the kitchen grab the jar out of the cupboard and stick it back in the food processor, add a bit of oil, and blend some more.  Ok a little bit more smooth, but still not drippy good smooth.  So back into the jar it went. Ok so what’s that; a grounder and I’m safe at first? Sure, that sounds good.  (Sorry for the baseball talk, I did play softball for 10 years of my life)  The good thing though is it still tastes amazing.  Just might be a bit hard to spread.  But I know I don’t care and as soon as this stuff passes Matt’s lips, I’m pretty sure he won’t either.  He’s kind of easy to please -wink wink nudge nudge-  It’s kind of a hummus consistency so still easily spreadable.  Not a complete failure.

So here is my failed. Ok, not completely failed cake batter cashew butter

a little thick and pasty, but oh so tasty (yea i can rhyme too) oh and i sent matt to the store to get "round circle rainbow sprinkles" he came back with dinosaurs. i mean literally when i questioned him why he didn't get the round ones, his response was -silence- BUT THEY'RE DINOSAURS! never send a man to get sprinkles, it can never turn out good. ok so they're kind of cute.


Did I mention this stuff was delicious? And where did it go straight from the food processor? Oh yes, it had the same fate as the banana bread hummus.

ok so the dinosaurs are super cute.

♥ ♥ ♥

So I think I was bored with my day from the very moment I woke up. I mean. Check out my breakfast.  A little too much time on my hands if you ask me. But then again, we’ve seen my oats, breakfast gets special attention.

what a happy little breakfast i had. yes i had to repeat yesterday's because i am completely obsessed with the coconut butter. today i added some chocolate protein to my cottage cheese. can't get enough protein into your breakfast and let's be honest, chocolate cottage cheese is just that much better.

♥ ♥ ♥

 What do you do when you’re bored?

What jams have you been listening to lately?

How cute is my dog?

love her!