Hello loves!

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Wow this week sure is flying by. I can’t believe it’s already time for What I Ate Wednesday!

I have been super busy with school, no surprise there.  It is our final week and not only that, but the two chapters were doing in addition are proving to be incredibly challenging.  Needless to say, I am really looking forward to this week being over and done with!

But I actually have a lot to share with you today. Lot’s of delish things to share!

But before we get started let’s head over to give the lovely Jenn at PeasandCrayons a big thank you for hosting this.  It is really one thing I look forward to doing and I love reading everyone’s eats.  It’s a great way to find new blogs and new ideas!

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(So right as I’m starting to write this, I’m finally going through my pictures and realized this first batch came out horrible. So I apologize ahead of time. Dinner was later than normal and I guess I didn’t realize the lack of lighting. I promise the dish was way more tasty than it looks. So use your imagination!)
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Does anyone else have too fun of a time cutting a spaghetti squash? I love stabbing my knife into it. I swear I don’t have a serial killer instinct in me. Maybe I watch too much Dexter. 😉

i'm pretty proud of my muscles and being able to cut this bad boy. ok so i cheated a stuck him in the microwave for a few minutes, but matt wasn't home and i had to do it on my own!

So after the stabbing, some seasonings were added.  I think on this one I did a simple sprinkling of garlic powder, onion powder, a bit of chili powder and I think I added a bit of cumin for a little kick. I’m weird. And random. I know. It tasted good though so that’s all that matters to me!

I then topped my cooked spaghetti squash with one of the most delicious sauces I have had in some time.

ok guys seriously. try this stuff.

I know you’re all super shocked it’s a Trader Joe’s product right?  I mean, it’s not like I’m obsessed with that place or anything.

All put together and you get this beautiful and tasty dish.

again i apologize for the not so great picture, but let me tell you. this sauce. spaghetti squash. delish!

The sauce just has such a nice blend of spices and the turkey is spiced really nice too.  It’s not too meaty, but meaty enough for me.

topped with some nutritional yeast for a bit of cheesy flavor

I had a side of veggie’s along with this. It was a simple, nice meal.

i'm pretty sure another mound of spaghetti squash and sauce was added to this bowl after pictures were taken. it was so good.

So next time you’re wandering around Trader Joe’s you might want to slip this into your cart!

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This next thing I am so excited to share with you guys!

I know dessert hummus’ are nothing new.  Definitely not new to me.  Banana bread hummus is probably by far one of my favorite things. I make it all the time.

I also always try to switch it up a bit. I don’t follow a true recipe anymore, it has kind of turned into a throw what I feel like kind of thing. Banana and chickpeas are always my base, but I’ll play with it from there.  I’ve done some where I add cocoa, chocolate protein powder, nut butters, pumpkin, you name it, it’s probably made it in there.

But I made a batch this morning, and had a real random idea. And boy. Did it turn out to be a good one.

Banana-Fig Hummus

In the mix:

1 medium size banana

1 can chickpeas

1 tbsp vanilla

1/2 tbsp almond extract (my hand slipped and a little more went it and it was great!)

1 tbsp Trader Joe’s fig butter (this makes the dip!)

1/2 tbsp cinnamon


Place everything in food processor and blend till smooth, scraping edges down as needed.

i can't even describe how much of a difference the fig butter made

So I may be obsessed with the fig butter to begin with, but seriously one of the best batches I have made in awhile. My finger wiped the food processor clean!

Oh I can not wait to use this on my breakfast tomorrow!!

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Another thing I wanted to share with you all is kind of random. Go figure huh.

If you follow my blog I always say I put the most random things together to make a meal. It’s kind of just everything I have a taste for and if they don’t necessarily go together, well half the time I don’t care. As long as it tastes good to me, that’s all I’m concerned about.

Don’t believe that I made completely random meals?

Check out this breakfast from a few days ago.

english muffin half topped with cottage cheese other half with chocolate peanut butter, apple and fage greek yogurt

Doesn’t seem all that random? Let me tell you everything that really went into this.

under that cottage cheese is some blueberry jam, on top of that cottage cheese is some cinnamon. in that yogurt is cookies and cream protein powder and cinnamon.

Random. Weird. Super tasty (to me at least)

Goodness. Even me looking at this, I think I’m weird.

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Well loves I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

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Do you like dessert hummus?

Do you always follow a recipe or do you just throw random things in?

What is your most random combination?