Hello my loves.

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This week has flown by so far. It’s technically only Tuesday night, but I feel like this month has just gone by in a flash!

Did anyone else feel that way? Where does time go?

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But I will tell you what time it is and a time I won’t forget.

What I Ate Wednesday.

It’s the last week for the Going Green and I did in a random way.

But first let’s head over to Jenn’s at PeasandCrayons and thank the lovely lady for being our host every week.

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The lovely Heather at Kiss My Broccoli was wayyyy too kind to me lately.

I cried like a baby when I found out my Trader Joe’s was all out of pumpkin butter for the season. And by my Trader Joe’s I mean all 4 in my vicinity. Heather was kind enough that the next time she was there she saw that her’s still carried it. Tweeted to me if I wanted any/how many and I immediately tweeted back!

In the middle of class by the way, and cell phones in our classrooms are big no-no’s. I didn’t care. This was pumpkin butter we were talking about.

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But no, this girl could not only send me the pumpkin butter, she sent along a few other goodies.

One very questionable one.

Ironically it was the first thing I used.

Well after immediately dipping my finger, er I mean cracker into the pumpkin butter. I had to make sure it traveled well right?

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She sent me a little baggie of Incredible Greens. She actually just did a review post on it, so you should head over to her site and check it out, because this stuff is pretty interesting.

After reading her review, and knowing I was having eggs the next morning (yes I plan my breakfast the night before. I get a little too excited over breakfast) I decided I would add a bit to them to see how it went.

It went pretty well. And yes, for being a powdered green. It is pretty tasty. I do however like greens taste.

why yes that's a green tint to my eggs.

I didn’t add that much because I was a bit skeptical about how strong the flavor would be, but the amount I did add didn’t really alter the flavor at all that much. Just the color. But again, I like the greens taste, so I think next time I will add a bit more.

I also tasted a bit on it’s own mixed with some almond milk and again, I really liked the taste.

♥ ♥ ♥

I ended up contacting Jonathan at Incredible Greens and he is going to send me a bottle and let me do a giveaway for the product, so make sure you check back for that! If you’re looking for an easy/tasty way to get your greens in I highly recommend this product!

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Greens are of course always in my daily meals.

A special green made it in due to a fun trip Matt and I took to the farmers market.

We recently moved to a different part of town and one of the great things is 1. it’s in a super nice area. definitely the nicer part of Phoenix. A bit more posh and more to do. 2. we are in bike riding distance to “Old Town Scottsdale” which is where one of my favorite farmer’s markets is held. So Saturday we took a bike ride down and enjoyed our day.

i love all the fresh flowers they have

While shopping for produce, I really didn’t need any fruit, but oh goodness, these pears were so aromatic. We had to get some.

I don’t know if it’s a mind thing, but I swear organic fresh fruit just tastes SO much better. I also got an organic gala apple that was the sweetest, best apple I have tasted in awhile. I loved it.

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After the farmer’s market we stopped by a local sports bar and grabbed a few drinks. Well, Matt drank most of it, but I love that kid tipsy. He is so fun. And so cute.

love him.

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After drinks we stopped by Sunflower Market, which is in the same plaza. We seriously went in for one thing, but once we spotted this. It was on.


First. I love the brewery Rogue. Second, pink bottle. Yes. Third. Bacon Maple Beer.

And yes, it tasted like bacon. And maple. I couldn’t believe it. My mouth was confused. It was amazing.

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Well loves that’s about it with me. Things have actually been going good around here. Kinda getting back to normal.

I’m not nearly as stressed. I’m challenging myself and dealing with that. And I’m loving the extra time I’m getting with Matt.

Things are looking up!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

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What do you think about powdered greens? Have you tried them? Would you try them?

What is your view on organic vs. non organic?

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There is still time to enter my Chobani Champions giveaway. Head over to this post to enter!