Let’s have a chat shall we?

A survey chat!!

I mean it is Marvelous In My Monday time and all, so what a better time than to get to know each other again.

It’s been awhile. So let’s get re-acquainted!

1.  What did you eat for breakfast?

This one might be a shocker. I made myself a powercake. Looked kind of like this. I swear these never get old and my flavor combinations are endless.

iPhone 6172

2.  How much water do you drink a day?

This is something I am working on. I drink a decent amount of water in the morning, but other than with dinner that’s about it. I kind of got back on the diet pop kick, which I need to get off ASAP.

3.  What is your current favorite workout?

I am currently doing the Fitmixer Boot Camp, so those work outs have kind of taken over my routine. Something I found out that I thought would never happen, I love tabata work outs. I think my ADD has something to do with it, but on and off and changing what I’m doing frequently seems to work for me. Love it.

4.  How many calories do you eat a day?

Couldn’t tell you. I jumped off that calorie counting train and couldn’t be happier.  I now focus on eating balanced meals with my carbs/proteins/fats and it seems to be working for me. You want to talk about taking a load off, stop counting calories and just listen to your body.

5.  What are your favorite healthy snacks?

Greek yogurt and fruit, raw nuts, veggies and hummus and does nut butter straight from the jar count?

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Oh Chobani.

Oh and how about big greek yogurt messes?

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6.  What do you usually eat for lunch?

Sadly lunches are boring for me. Usually I am eating at school or on the go, so honestly, it’s a lot of pb&j, yogurt and a piece of fruit, usually a banana.

7.  What is your favorite body part to strength train?

My upper-body because I feel it is my weakest, but I love seeing the results I am getting. I’ll do a pull up yet, you just watch!

8.  What is your least favorite body part to strength train?

Um. I really don’t know. If anything I will say my abs, because they are a part that I feel I don’t see any results in. I know I know, abs are made in the kitchen. But the day I stop eating bread… well that will be the day. And it’s not going to happen anytime soon. This girl loves her carbs.

9.  What are your ‘bad’ food cravings?

I’m not going to answer this, because I think no food is “bad”. Food is food. None is good none is bad. I believe everything is fine in moderation. If I have greasy pizza one night, guess what, I probably won’t want it again tomorrow. (ok knowing me and pizza I probably will, but you get the point). I truly believe our bodies are smarter than we think, and they balance themselves out. So if I am craving ice cream, I’m going to have it. Same goes with pasta, cream sauces, bread, fried foods, pizza, all those foods society tells us will make us fat (and probably over night right?). It’s just not true.

10.  Do you take vitamins or supplements?

I take a few vitamins my nutritionist recommended. A multi-vitamin, vitamin B and calcium.

I also love cooking and baking with protein powder since I don’t eat a lot of meat. Do I really need it? Meh, probably not, but I guess it’s not hurting me right now.

11.  How often do you eat out?

Well, not often. And if you read my last post, probably even less often now.

Which is sad.

I’m really going to miss sushi.

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12.  Do you eat fast food?

Very rarely. I feel like if I am going to spend money on out to eat food, I’m going to make it worth it and have it be something good.

13.  Who is your biggest supporter?

Well this one is a no brainer.

Matt. Hands down. Most amazing person ever.

iPhone 5314

How could you not love that face?

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14.  Do you have a gym membership?

No and I really wish I did. Again. Stupid money. I did recently get a stability ball for Christmas, and we picked up a new dumb bell set. So my little “at home gym” is growing.

15.  How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

Oi. I’m such an old lady, I get plenty of sleep. I swear I’m in bed by 10:30pm each night. Granted I get up at 7am, but that’s still my recommended 8 hours. Go me!

16.  Do you have a ‘cheat’ day?

I don’t. And as I mentioned earlier, I don’t think you should have to. You’re not cheating. It’s all about moderation.

17.  Do you drink alcohol?

Yes, I do. I like beer. I like wine. #sorryimnotsorry

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18.  Do you have a workout buddy?

Not really. But honestly, I like it that way. I’m competitive by nature and sometimes that’s good, but sometimes I like just being by  myself and motivating and pushing myself, not worrying about what someone else is lifting, how long someone else is running, or what exercises someone else is doing.

19.  What is the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to a Healthy Lifestyle?

I always thought I was being healthy, but recently realized I was always too focused on just one aspect about it. It’s not just diet. It’s not just exercise. It’s just about being overall healthy and finding the balance between the two. So yes, I like to eat healthy and put good foods in my body. And in terms of my fitness, I no longer focus on the cardio cardio cardio and just burning calories. I am more focused on strength and muscle building. I no longer was to lose, I want to gain.  Finding that balance has also brought me so much more mental health.

20.  What was the last healthy thing you did?

Having a positive attitude. So much has gone wrong in my life, and I am currently at yet another bump in my road, but you will still see me with a smile on my face and a positive attitude. Being mentally healthy I think is the most important and being grateful for what I have, not what I don’t have has really changed my outlook on life.

I have my health, my life, and people who love me. What else do I need?

These guys. That’s what.

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Stay marvelous everyone.

♥ ♥ ♥
Feel free to answer any of the questions!