Get ready guys.

This will be two. Count them two Monday’s where I am just so ecstatic.

If you remember my last MIMM you will know I not only was almost done with school, but I had a pretty epic weekend in terms of making huge progress in my recovery. Seriously, this weekend was like deja vu.

So again, for my Marvelous In My Monday (thanks to the ready to pop Katie ♥), I am going to re-cap on the amazing weekend I had.


I will start off my saying, I’m not going to lie in saying my huge dinner out last week did not follow with some  heavy thoughts. The amazing thing about where I am now, is yes, I may still have some eating disordered thoughts, but I counter-act them almost immediately. It never affects my food choices, I never restrict, and I know I am doing what I need to do to get healthy.

But let’s get to this past weekend, because guys. Whew. It was a good one.

First off.


This scene will no longer be happening (at least not until I have to start studying for my state exam and CVT license test)


Although I’m not going to lie, I’m going to miss those cute little notes Matt left me.

But I did it guys, and I totally am going to take this opportunity to toot my own horn and say I did amazing. I got a 91% on my final, which got me an A in my class and, guys, a little secret (I have gotten an A in every.single.class)

So of course celebrations were in order. And it started at school.


Our teacher was nice enough to get us a cake to celebrate us being done! And really, what’s a celebration without cake?

Matt and I had already discussed going out to dinner to celebrate and he left the location up to me.

Ok guys, a first happened. I did not have a taste for anything.

Seriously, coming from me, that’s a pretty big deal. I usually have a craving for something, but I for the life of me could not think of anything that sounded good. But after all day of contemplating, and getting advice from my Facebook and Twitter folks, I decided on a place that I had been to with a girlfriend and raved to Matt about, but him and I hadn’t gotten the chance to go yet.

True Food Kitchen is a more natural, organic whole foods restaurant and their food is just so fresh and amazing, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed going there.

true food

I love that they prep all their food right out in the restaurant. It’s all so open and fresh. And seriously, look at my date, the night was bound to be good.

We of course had to start with cocktails. I asked the waitress for a recommendation and she suggested the Ginger Margarita.


So with that, that’s what I chose, Matt had a Kiltlifter which is a beer from a local brewery.


There is something about fresh cocktails that make them that much better. And goodness that bartender was kind to me, because he must have poured with a heavy hand because I sure was feeling it.

So to counter act my boozy-ness, we decided to get an appetizer.


Herb hummus topped with feta and the best pita bread ever. But seriously, this hummus. One of the best things I have put in my mouth. Seriously, I may be over excited, but as soon as the first bite hit our mouths, Matt and I both were just oh my goshing the whole time we were eating it. We actually both made comments tonight how we wanted more. So good.

For my entree I got the Teriyaki Brown Rice Bowl with Tofu. This is actually what I got last time I was there, part of me wanted to venture out and get something new, but part of me remembered how amazing it was. I’m so glad I got it again, just as amazing as I remembered, however I think next time I will be adventurous and get something new. You never know, I could find a new favorite. But don’t worry, I enjoyed every last bite of this.


Matt decided to go with the Margherita Pizza.


Matt, God bless his heart, get’s so excited when he eats something good, that I basically had to beg him to take a break so I could try a piece.

I managed to steal a bite and it was delicious as well and as expected.

Even though I felt stuffed after dinner, I really wanted to get dessert.

I decided to get the Lemon Ginger Frozen Yogurt, Matt got the Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp.


Ok, so my frozen yogurt was good. But Matt’s crisp? Dear Lord. I really really wanted to stop at one bite, but I couldn’t. As stuffed as I was, I found so much room for that dessert. I haven’t ordered dessert from a restaurant in so long, I am so glad we decided to that night.

I will say I went home with a very full belly and a bit of a heavy head, but it always passes and that is one thing I have learned. The uncomfortableness always passes. It was a night of celebration, I enjoyed my food, my company, and my accomplishments. Overall it was an amazing night. Again.

Do you typically order dessert out?

What’s the best dessert you’ve had at a restaurant?