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For my What I Ate Wednesday post I debated giving you a dinner out with friends re-cap or some recent kitchen adventures and since my kitchen happenings won, it is now time to share a wonderful night out that I had recently.


There is a couple in our apartment complex that Matt and I always small chatted with in the courtyard as we walked our dogs.  They had gotten a new puppy a couple months ago, who is super adorable, although Delilah wants nothing to do with him (grumpy old lady).  I still love that grumpy little face though.

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Well I guess Matt had chatted with the neighbor about possibly grilling out one night and they proceeded to make plans. Yea not gonna lie, we don’t have a grill, so I have no problem  with mooching off of others! Well the day we made plans I had to stay late at work due to a few emergencies, it turned into a crazy long day and I was in no mood to entertain. But instead of totally nixing plans, we decided just to meet for drinks later in the evening. Because trust me, after the day I had I needed a drink.

We had a great time with them, really hit it off and we all have a lot in common. So future dinner plans were quickly made for later in the week.


We decided on a favorite of Matt and I’s, but a new to them place of Blanco Taco’s and Tequilla.

Matt and I have been there multiple times and love it.

The night of course started off with a few drinks.

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I am a total beer girl, but something about fresh margarita’s always pulls me in.

One of the first signs at dinner that I realized we had made great new friends was they were totally ok with my taking pictures. I always warn new people that I have a blog and that picture taking will more than likely happen, and they were totally cool with it.

But I had to train them a bit on to wait for me to take pictures and not dig in right in.

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See that smudge of guacamole? Ben got a little impatient. I punished him, by making him pose for silly pictures. He was a sport about it.

By the way, that guacamole was amazing. And the whole bowl was demolished in about 5 minutes.

I like guacamole what can I say?

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I always get the same thing when I go here. I can’t help it. It’s so good.

I got my usual chicken burrito, Matt got a machaca burrito, Katie got beef enchiladas and Ben got fajitas. All looked amazing, smelled amazing, and mine of course tasted amazing. It was really funny because Ben’s fajita’s came with these mini flour tortilla’s. We all laughed at how small they were. He obviously made it work. Pretty sure he ate them all in one bite.


After dinner we turned out of the restaurant parking lot and I noticed we were going the wrong way. Matt and I were then informed that dessert was mandatory and they were taking us to one of their favorite ice cream shops called Sweet Republic.

Who am I to say no to ice cream. Not fro-yo kids. Real ice cream.

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I got Belgium Chocolate and goodness, this stuff was so creamy and amazing. Pretty sure I was the first one finished. I typically am when it comes to ice cream. No shame.

It was really great to go out with new people. I’m all about making new friends and I think we found some good ones!

I mean, they already invited us over for grilling on Sunday for the football games. If that doesn’t make means for good friends, I don’t know what does!

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How do you know when you hit it off with new friends?