I had plans to do a Marvelous In My Monday post, but we had quite a night last night.

Most of you guys know I work as a veterinary technician, so I think it goes without saying I have an absolute love for animals.

Especially my own. I’m a snob. My pets are the best.



My dog Delilah basically means the world to me. I got her at a point in my life where I had a huge hole in my heart, and she filled it more than I could have ever imagined or expected. She’s my rock.

 So as you could imagine, last night when we went to take her on her nightly walk and she basically collapsed, my heart sank. I freaked. I panicked. I cried. I had no idea what was wrong with her, if she was going to make it through the night, or what was going on.

Thankfully working at a clinic I called our doctor that was on-call to get advice.  We were told just to monitor her and make sure she stayed aware and kept her motor skills, but the fact that she was so out of it, I made the decision to take her to an emergency clinic.

I’m glad we did for the peace of mind, the vet there was great and since he knew I worked in a clinic, basically just told me what I should do and have tested the next day.

iPhone 2183

I want this happy puppy face back again.

So we had blood work done and we’re just waiting to see what it says. I ended up taking the day off and for at least today, I am not leaving my pups side.

So if you could all send your love my little angel’s way I would greatly appreciate it.


Delilah says thank you.