I’ve proclaimed my love for the Christmas season, that’s no secret.

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Not only am I a sucker for the holiday decorations, the Christmas music, and endless Christmas movies on TV, it just doesn’t get old to me. But the one thing about Christmas time that I love is it seems to bring out the best in people.  I think we should be giving and caring all year long and feel that showing compassion for those in need at just one time of the year is a little silly, but sometimes you have to take what you can get.

So in the Christmas spirit, I figured this would be a great time to not only feature an amazing product and company I have been in love with for some time, but also be a little giving in giving you the opportunity to have some for yourself.

Look at it as my Christmas gift to you.

So what is this gift you ask?

P28 Bread.


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If you follow the blog or my Instagram  you know I am a long time fan of this company and their products.

I seriously think I am addicted to their bagels. And when I saw that they came out with new spreads…well I think my heart skipped a beat from excitement.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you a little bit about P28 products first.

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P28 High Protein Bread and Bagels

  • 28 grams of Protein per two slices (or per bagel)
  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Whole Wheat – Made with Oat, Flax Seed, Sunflower Seed, and Millet
  • Made with 100% Whey Isolate – The highest quality source of protein
  • A rich source of 8 essential Amino Acids that your body needs for growth, energy, and vibrant health
  • Cholesterol Free
  • A Good source of Fiber
  • Contains Omega 3’s
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It’s also great to make sandwiches with.


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Stuffed with grilled veggies and cheese and pressed hot on the panini press. It’s a very sturdy bread so it gets all nice and crispy. Just the way I like it.

The bagels make amazing breakfasts and since I typically work out first thing in the morning are a great part for my post-work out meal; carbs and protein all in one.

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Topped with blueberry protein fluff and a chocolate protein drizzle.

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Or if you’re still in the pumpkin mood like I am, topped with pumpkin infused cottage cheese and made even more amazing with chocolate crumblies.

Because chocolate makes everything better.

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P28 Spreads

  • 14 grams of Protein per serving
  • No Sugar Added
  • Zero Sodium
  • Zero Trans Fat
  • Cholesterol Free

Amazing straight from the jar.

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Or on top of a P28 bagel.

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You’re looking at pretty much the most amazing breakfast ever. Protein on protein.

I thought I was obsessed with the bagels, but those spreads?


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So now the part you’re all waiting for.

How you can get your hands on some of this deliciousness.

Well P28 not only makes amazing products, but they are also an amazing company and want to give two Accidently Delish readers the chance to win either a single pack of one of their products (bread, bagels or flat bread) or a jar of one their spreads (you pick flavor).

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How to Enter


Head over to the P28 website and leave me a comment telling me what product you would like to try the most.

Additional Entries:

Follow me on twitter and tweet about the giveaway! “I want to win a protein packed @P28Foods product from @AccidentlyDlish! Check it out! http://accidentlydelish.com/?p=7606 “

Leave me a comment letting me know you tweeted.

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Giveaway will run until 12/21/13 and is open to US residents.

Good Luck!!

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I was not compensated in any way. While P28 did send me free product, all opinions are my own.

Pretty marvelous right?