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So since I mentioned in my last post that I want to be more productive with my blog, I have been so inspired to give you more quality information. It’s kind of nice to get back into blogging for a purpose and not just a photo dump.   With all the stress at work, one thing I thought that would help would be finding a hobby. Even though I still did the blog I really didn’t consider it that much of a hobby anymore because I knew I wasn’t putting much effort into it.

Since I am trying to improve my blog and provide useful information to all of you, I took that opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. While I was researching on how to maintain a better blog, finding some great information, I thought it would be great to share those tips with you guys as well.

One thing that I am disappointed in myself for letting slip is my food photography.  When I first started my blog, my photos may have not been the best, but I definitely put a little more effort into dressing up my meals.

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This however was back when I was not working and had a lot more time to dedicate to plating and getting that perfect angle. Now-a-days I am lucky if my food makes it off the pan to a plate before being quickly devoured.  Or if it even makes it to a plate considering two out of three meals are eaten at work.  So with that being said my photos have suffered, but with this new found dedication to providing a higher quality blog, I am trying to educate myself on better techniques so it won’t take me as long to get that picture perfect shot.

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Here are some links I found that have helped me work to improve my photography skills.

How To Take Better Food Pictures – Stupid Easy Paleo

How To Improve Your Photos – Carrots N Cake

15 Food Photography Tips For Bloggers – Healthy.Happy.Life

When Good Food Looks Bad: A Styling Post – Running With Tweezers

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And while we’re on the topic of blogging tips, here are some links for blogging in general.

Ways To Increase Your Readership – Carrots N Cake

Everyday Blogging Tools – Peanut Butter Fingers

Top 10 Blogging Tips – Design Dining Diapers

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There are so many guides and tutorials that I am almost over whelmed with all the information, but also excited to learn and improve my blogging skills. And even though my pictures may not be food magazine worthy, I’m getting better…

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Do you have any blogging tips/things you’ve learned?

How important do you think food photography is?