-does Friday happy dance-

I know I always say this, but Friday’s really aren’t that exciting for me because I work every Saturday, but something about the idea of Friday is always exciting right?

Also it’s time for Laura’s #strangebutgood link up, and that’s always fun too.

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This time, I don’t really have a strange food, but a strange technique for cooking a food.

Again, if you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen this and it might not seem so weird, but we have to remember us foodies all have some sort of crazy in us, so things that aren’t weird to us, are usually weird to others.

My fiance is always my test on if something is strange or not and he tilted his head a bit to this concept.

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Yes. French toast made on the waffle maker.

I’ve been obsessed with my waffle maker ever since I got it, and I always see drool worthy pictures of french toast, so when I saw the concept to combine the two?


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Life changing I tell you. But as when I was obsessed with my panini maker and claimed any sandwich made into a panini was 100x better ( I still hold to that claim ) I now claim that anything put onto a waffle maker makes it 100x better.

This proves it.

And in true Debbie fashion, I proteined it up a bit.

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Protein French Toast Waffle


(serves 1)

– 2 pieces bread of choice (I used both cinnamon raisin and spelt – I recommend cinnamon raisin)

– 2 egg whites

– 1-2 tbsp vanilla almond milk

– 1 tbsp protein powder ( I used Cellucor peanut butter marshmallow whey)

– cinnamon to taste

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– Preheat waffle iron.

– Mix egg whites, almond milk, protein powder and cinnamon.

– Soak bread in egg white mixture for a few minutes on each side until absorbed. Repeat with second slice.

– Cook on waffle maker for approximately 5 minutes or until crispy. Repeat with second slice.

– Top with desired toppings.

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I basically love anything crispy, which is why I love this so much.

Toppings choices  are endless when it comes to this waffle . The first time I made a vanilla protein frosting using Plant Fusion Vanilla Bean protein powder mixed with greek yogurt and some stevia. The second time I drizzled a chocolate protein frosting using Growing Naturals brown rice protein powder.  Both topped with fresh berries. Both were amazing.

So basically if you love french toast, and you love waffles. You need to combine them.

You’re welcome.

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Do you like waffles?

Do you like french toast?

What do you think of combining the two?