Loves. It’s September.

Can you believe it?

I swear the older I get, the faster time goes.

Remember when we were younger and time seemed to take forever? I miss those days.

But with a new month comes a time that I do look forward too.

Food Pen Pal Reveal!

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The Lean Green Bean
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And speaking of time flying, it’s amazing to note that I have been doing foodie pen pals for almost 2 years!


This month I was paired up with Esther. Her and I share similar diets and food preferences so I knew we would be a good match.

Here is what she sent me.

♥ ♥ ♥


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I had told her that I liked dips, sauces, jams and salsa’s, so I was very excited when I saw the variety that she sent me.

As soon as I saw the salsa I knew I had to try it that night with dinner.  It is defiantly a unique taste, but I really liked it.

I have actually received the apricot preserves and roasted raspberry chipotle sauce in a previous foodie pen pal package, so I knew I would like those! And this coffee loving girl is always excited for flavored coffee’s. I haven’t tried the coconut Thai noodles or peanut coconut sauce yet, but since I love Thai food I’m pretty confident they will not disappoint.

So thank you very much Ester, I loved my package!