The more weird a food looks or sounds, the more I want to try it.

I swear I am one of those people who walk around the grocery store produce aisles or the local farmers market and if I see a fruit of vegetable that I have never heard of, I want to try it. I am truly one of those I will try anything once people.

I think this is a great thing, I have discovered so many amazing foods this way.

So of course when I saw these little things called Tigernuts, I had to find out more.

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So what are tigernuts?

Tigernuts are not even nuts, they’re considered a vegetable! They are great for people who have nut allergies and are looking for a nut free and gluten free option. They are an ancient superfood that originated in Northern Africa and have a great nutritional value.  According to the African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development “tigernuts have long been recognized for their health benefits as they have a high content of soluble glucose and oleic acid, along with high energy content (starch, fats, sugars and proteins), they are rich in minerals such as phosphorous and potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron necessary for bones, tissue repair, muscles, the blood stream and for body growth and development and rich in vitamins E and C”.   There are so many more health benefits to these small little vegetables, check out this great post by The Organic Dietician to learn more!

So what do they taste like? I thought they tasted like a raw almond with a little bit of sweetness and the creaminess of a cashew with a bit of a chew to them.

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I have been snacking on the tigernuts plain and straight from the bag, but baking with the flour was incredibly fun and interesting. I didn’t even know where to begin!

 But don’t worry I have an amazing recipe that I will be sharing with you soon.

It may or may not be something that starts with a D and ends in an onut.

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Have you ever heard of tigernuts?