Oh friends. Do you ever look back on your accounts and remember the times.

The times when I actually had time.

Like to bake delicious treats?  I feel those times are long gone. Not even on my weekends do I have time to really dedicate to baking. These are the times I am grateful for easy recipes that I can whip up in no time.

Perfect timing for this little delivery.

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When does it become a problem when you selfie with protein?

But I seriously love my protein powders, especially pea, I may be a bit obsessed. But I am also a bit obsessed with simple protein frosting and pea seems to work the best for that.

I also love when protein powders taste great simply mixed with almond milk. Everlast Nutrition vanilla pea protein definitely fits that requirement.

You know what this protein frosting goes great on?

My simple plantain donuts.

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This is seriously a great little protein treat when you need a little burst of energy and nutrition through out your day.

And what else is great is Extend Nutrition has a great deal going on right now.

And who doesn’t love a good sale?

If you purchase a bag of their vegan protein you also receive a FREE box of Everlast FUEL and free shipping. And seriously, free shipping pretty much makes it worth it.

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Also if you use the coupon code ACCIDENTLYDELISH you receive 5% off on top of any promotional sale.

So let’s think about this. A free box of Everlast FUEL, free shipping and 5% off.

Seems like a no brainer.

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What is your favorite type of protein?